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Science is settled: Republicans are fascists

As CNN’s Christiane Amanpour again compares Trump to Hitler on the 82nd anniversary of Kristallnacht, a new a piece of research is being touted by major media outlets: “US Republicans …


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Selling the rope to hang them

Legal Insurrection reports from the frontiers of Market Marxism: It’s no secret that the Black Lives Matter movement and its co-founder (and self-identified “Marxist”) Patrisse Cullors has long accused American …

Much Ado About Gadot

Killing them not so softly


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When Poland saved Europe

A hundred years ago this week, a series of biggest battles that Europe were to witness between the end of the First World War in 1918 and the beginning of …

Who Won World War Two?


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Michael Gove’s bookshelf – and yours (and mine too)

Plenty of people like to be filmed against the backdrop of their bookshelves to convey the message or at least create the impression that they are smart. This has become …

“Ruthenia & Galicia”


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Llamageddon for Coronavirus?

Llamas are known as cute but highly temperamental – they spit, up to 10 feet – but now one South American expat in the UK called Fifi might be the …


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Girls Gone Wild on Brisbane Tinder, Part XV: The Gen X(XX) Edition

Lest the previous fourteen installments of this series have given you the wrong idea that going wild on Tinder is the sole domain of Gen Ys and Gen Zs (kids …