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Why everything is racist

You have no doubt noticed over the past few years – but accelerating wildly and widely in the last one or two – how everything now seems to problematic. The …


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Hills are alive with the sound of white supremacy

The story of the present times is the never-ending race to out-idiot each other on the way to the bottom: The University of Oxford is considering scrapping sheet music for …

Much Ado About Gadot


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Happy 1055th birthday Poland!

You might have had some rough times recently, but you don’t look a day older than a millennium. On the Holy Saturday, 14 April 966, Poland had officially entered the …

When Poland saved Europe


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25 Best Books I’ve Read in 2020

As always with these annual roundups, please note that these are the best books I’ve read last year, not the best book published last year, as I never buy new …

“Ruthenia & Galicia”


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Did it have information that could lead to Hillary Clinton’s arrest? UPDATED

The mysterious Utah monolith is gone, according to the authorities (it was situated on public land): When I initially came across the preview of the above story, my first reaction …


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From the University of the Obvious

Some academics make it very hard to argue against funding cuts to higher education. Take, for example, this groundbreaking research into the online dating apps: New research from William Chopik, …