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There’s no party like the third party

To the two life certainties of death and taxes (in that and in the reverse order), add this: over the next two years at the very least, the conservative/right-of-centre side …


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Selling the rope to hang them

Legal Insurrection reports from the frontiers of Market Marxism: It’s no secret that the Black Lives Matter movement and its co-founder (and self-identified “Marxist”) Patrisse Cullors has long accused American …

Much Ado About Gadot

Killing them not so softly


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On discovering a scandal in family history

One of my great regrets in life is not having interrogated my loved ones about their past and their family histories while they were still alive. Now the generation of …

When Poland saved Europe

Who Won World War Two?


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25 Best Books I’ve Read in 2020

As always with these annual roundups, please note that these are the best books I’ve read last year, not the best book published last year, as I never buy new …

“Ruthenia & Galicia”


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Did it have information that could lead to Hillary Clinton’s arrest? UPDATED

The mysterious Utah monolith is gone, according to the authorities (it was situated on public land): When I initially came across the preview of the above story, my first reaction …


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Girls Gone Wild on Brisbane Tinder, Part XIX: Farewell to 2020

Warning: Adult themes, language and nudity It’s somewhat ironic that having spent 99 per cent of my Tinder talk time defending the app from people who assume the worst about …