Let it all burn

Thanks to the 2016 GOP presidential primaries I have been exposed to many new concepts and ideas, most of which I could have easily done without. I’m thinking alt-right, cuckservatism, neo-reaction, the Dark Enlightenment, #whitegenocide. You get my drift. Ignorance can be bliss. You know that some things lurk in the mud at the bottom of the river, but as long as they stay down there at the bottom you can safely ignore them and float on the surface, leading a reasonably happy, sane and rewarding life.

Enters Donald Trump, the river dredger. Thank you, Donald. As James Kirchick writes, somehow having managed to verbatim steal the line I jotted down weeks ago on my mental notepad, “while it’s certainly true that most of Trump’s supporters are neither racists nor anti-Semites, it appears to be the case that all of the racists and anti-Semites in this country (and many beyond) support Trump.” Amongst the millions who support Trump, this is no doubt a tiny minority, but then that’s what the Internet and the social media can do so well, they amplify things well beyond their normal size, reach and importance.

In any other circumstances I perhaps wouldn’t be too concerned that David Duke and a bunch of anonymous Twitterati with Nordic avatars and handfuls of followers are having multiple orgasms thinking about how the Don will make America great again. Except that the muck that Trump has stirred up in his wake refuses to settle and instead is slowly permeating what I would think of as the mainstream.

Consider the above-pictured tweet from Milo Yannopoulos, the peroxided Ernst Rohm of the alt-right and one of the flagship stars of Breitbart. Do you recall this sort of nihilism ever being so prominent in conservative politics before? Breitbart, by the way, is the outlet where Bill Kristol is being described as a “renegade Jew” and Ben Shapiro, another renegade (ex-Breitbart) Jew, is taunted for taking too seriously people who joke about putting him and his family in the oven. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Breitbart in person. From all I’ve heard about him he was a great and decent guy, which is why I suspect he’s spinning in his grave right now, enraged by what his successors have done to his baby.




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