Why we’re in the shit we’re in…


Want to know why Trump is about to become the Republican nominee and why Bernie is almost the Democrat nominee (though is unlikely to get there in the end)? Thanks to Tim Montgomerie this useful – if not sobering and depressing – summary of the latest YouGov Portrait of America polling. The key take-outs:

  • Majority of Americans think that free trade has been bad for their country’s prosperity. Staggeringly two thirds of the Republicans think so.
  • By three to one Americans have a negative view of Wall Street and its contribution to the economy.
  • While 52 per cent want tax cuts and tax code simplification, two thirds refuse to countenance any cuts to Medicare and entitlements.
  • While 39 per cent want less government regulation, 41 want “the rich” and the corporations to pay more tax.

There’s more, including the support for “the wall” and the freeze in Muslim immigration (at around one third of those polled), and ambiguous attitudes to Islam – and evangelical Christianity.