Hey Trump supporters, hands off Ronnie!


I have been born in a wrong place at a wrong time, and on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain, so I can’t paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen’s immortal “oh snap” zinger response to Dan Quayle during the 1988 Vice-Presidential debate: “Trumpkins, I served with Ronnie Reagan. I knew Ronnie Reagan. Ronnie Reagan was a friend of mine. Trumpkins, Donald’s no Ronnie Reagan.”


So yeah, I haven’t, I didn’t, and he wasn’t, but I’ve loved Ronnie for 36 years now, since I was a little scrawny 8-year old in communist Poland, and Trump’s nothing like him, no matter how many superficial (“attacked by a protester at the podium during the speech” – who hasn’t?) or false (“Pro life, Pro 2nd amendment, and Pro tax reduction” – Trump? Since when? Like mid-2016?) comparisons you try to come up with. You know what else? Both their first names end in “-onald”; if that’s not freaky and imbued with some supernatural meaning I don’t know what is.

Yes, both Ronald and Donald were outsiders, seen as interlopers (and, to be fair, extremists) by the GOP establishment (never mind everyone else). Therein the similarities end.

One of these two people had consistently, over a period of some twenty years prior to running for president, taken strong and principled conservative positions on economy, foreign policy and social issues, in the process creating a full, coherent and sincere conservative persona for himself.  One of these people had extensive executive experience in government, having been twice elected the governor of America’s most populous state. One of these people had a genuinely warm, positive, and optimistic personality that inspired people, as well as strong and upright character that reassured them.

Oh, and the other one is an incoherent political opportunist, shoddy and shady businessman, and an angry, whiney, no-class bully.

Make America Reagan Again!