The Girl With A Feminist Tattoo


Take a look around the world and it puts everything in perspective; suddenly, all the huge “controversies” at home turn from mountains into molehills and all the activists seem less like the second incarnation of Martin Luther King Jr being savaged by Bull Connor’s police dogs and more like spoiled and whiney little brats.

So while we are having big debates about who can use which bathrooms, or whether “woman” should be spelled “wom*n”, or whether the word “guys” is sexist…

…in Iran, a 32-year old actress Taraneh Alidoosti (“known by some as the Natalie Portman of Iran.” What, is she Jewish?) is in trouble because during a press conference while promoting her new movie “The Salesman” at the Cannes Film Festival, her sleeve rode up revealing a feminist tattoo.

Also in Iran, women are getting men’s haircuts and dressing up like men so they can pass themselves as males and not be subjected to having wear a veil. How’s this for transgressive bending of gender identities?

The original Swedish – and dreadfully dreary – title of Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo” was “Men Who Hate Women” (Män som hatar kvinnor – it sounds even more terrible in the original). Larsson, being a good communist that he was, made sure that all his male characters, except for the protagonist, who like Larsson, happened to be a crusading leftie investigative reporter, were either murderous, corrupt, neo-Nazi businessmen or rapists. This in modern Sweden FFS.  One gets the impression Larsson didn’t get out much; his 1977 sojourn to teach all-female squad of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Army the use of mortars being pretty much a one-off. It should have been a teachable moment, and not just for the Eritrean tigresses. Maybe Larsson should have travelled to Iran (post-1979). Or anywhere else for that matter. Maybe should all of the Western left.