The experts have spoken


As most of you might be aware by now, over the last few weeks and in the course of the federal election campaign, I have developed a deep and personal relationship with the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, or CFMEU, and by deep and personal I mean being shouted at by an enthusiastic CFMEU member – twice.

This is possibly why Twitter algorithms have decided to put in prominently in my newsfeed this delightful piece of election campaign insight from my favourite union.











And may I say how delighted I am that the CFMEU now considers Goldman Sachs and the Council of Small Business Australia to be the economic experts whose opinion we should heed.

I don’t know about Goldman Sachs, but the COSBOA certainly wants to “break up the big business big union cartels that have risen and control too many industries through back room deals”. I think there is something to it. The experts have spoken.