Dear anti-Trump protesters


This election campaign is only going to get more serious the closer to November we get. Which means Trump will become even more unbearable, which means you will feel obliged to become even more unbearable. Congratulations, you’re way on your way to turning the streets of America into Weimar ca. 1930 (if you don’t know what Weimar was, your education system has failed you, which is another reason you’re on the streets, and being assholes). Happy? I’m sure you are; makes you feel pretty special. Guess what? One person’s freedom fighter is another person’s douche. In this case most people’s.

But it’s not too late to salvage some decency, so listen up.

1) Don’t assault, punch, spit at, or throw object at people you’re protesting against. When you do, you are just confirming the image most people have of the leftist activists as hypocritical, intolerant, censorious, violent scumbags. Which many of you are. This election cycle has, sadly, so far confirmed pretty much every negatives stereotype people have of both the right and the left politicians and their supporters. Please don’t make it worse. If that’s actually still possible.

2) What’s with the Mexican flags? Just how dumb can you be? “We’re going to protest Donald Trump by living up to all the worst stereotypes Donald Trump has of us”. How about waving some American flags, since, you know, you are actually in America? It will make you look more like fellow Americans you claim to be and less like some fifth column that should be deported.

3) “Make California Mexico Again”. Really? Why do you hate California so much? Your Mexico is a poor, backward, feudal, corrupt, semi-failed narco-state (though a charming country, full of wonderful people, no doubt). Do you really think Mexico is such a fantastic model of social and economic development that it should be inflicted on anyone else? Besides, if America is Mexico again, where are you all going to go to work?

4) To all the media who are implying that Trump supporters are provoking the attacks on themselves by, well, exercising their democratic right to attend peaceful political rallies, I’m waiting for your incisive investigation how wearing miniskirts provokes rape.

5) Repeat after me: people have the right to peacefully express their political ideas, no matter how odious you might think they are. You have the right to peacefully express your disagreement with their political ideas, no matter how odious I might think you are. A win-win. It’s called a liberal democracy, which most of you believe is some sort of a sham, perpetuated by the elites to oppress the masses, but it’s also the reason why you’re still alive. Don’t fuck up it up for the great majority who actually appreciates it.

(all of the above also applies to all the masked “anti-Islam” and “anti-racism” douches battling each other across Australia.)