Fox dog-whispers dead baby


As a rule I never assume that celebrities are necessarily smart and/or sane, but once in a while a story pops up on the news that makes even me go “wow”:

Actress Megan Fox believes Chelsea Handler’s aborted foetus has been communicating with the comedienne via her pet dog Chunk. Seriously.

The Transformers star, 30, told Handler, 41, that her aborted baby uses the body of her pet dog to provide comfort to the funnywoman…

“I do feel like the dog was chosen for you by a family member that’s crossed over that communicates to you through the dog, that helps the dog nurture you at times when you are suffering. The dog can sense that,” Fox said…

“There’s a soul that’s around you and around your dog that was a child that was conceived at some point that’s yours. That’s over there with your mother and they do sort of watch over you through the dog,” Fox said. “That’s specifically what I did get. There is a child spirit and that you should never feel like you f***ed up or you made a bad choice. Because that karma will always be settled in the future either in this lifetime or the next lifetime.”

Fox shared the insight she said she obtained while meditating about Handler’s dog after being told the German shepherd-Chow mix was a key part of her life.

Two things spring to mind:

1) If I were Chelsea Handler’s aborted baby I wouldn’t incarnate into her dog to watch over her; I would haunt her.

2) Is it a moral progression of sorts in the Hollywood context that someone now thinks foetuses aren’t merely inconvenient things but beings that possess souls – even if these souls get incarnated in pet dogs?