This blogger signed onto Tinder. What happened next will bring tears to your eyes.


Welcome to clickbait, suckers. No, not really. But you all seem to have a voyeuristic fascination with online dating apps, don’t you?

People, particularly women, always keep asking me about Tinder. “Isn’t it like for hook-ups?” Well, not particularly. You might be thinking about Grindr or Blendr or some such less savoury app. Then again you might not, because Tinder certainly has a bad reputation, a lot of it undeserved. It is really just a smartphone-friendly version of the more “traditional” internet dating websites, like Plenty Of Fish or RSVP, albeit faster, sharper and arguably a lot shallower.

The problem is, I tell them, that men will use any avenue to try to get laid. I’m pretty sure there are guys this very moment on and trying to hook up.

So just like every other dating site, mostly men will try to use it to trawl for sex, and mostly women will try to use it for something more serious. So don’t blame Tinder per se; it’s all guys’ fault. I apologise on behalf of mankind (gender specifically). In fact, most women’s profiles on Tinder nowadays contain a disclaimer along the lines of “Not looking for NSA” or “If you’re just after sex swipe left”. I doubt it stops any horny men.

But it’s not wholly men’s fault. This is, after all, the 21st century, and generations of women fighting for equality have won today’s young women the right to be as bad as men. Are men on Tinder as open about it? Waiting for my female, Tinder-exposed, readers to let me know.

Exhibits A to E below. And no, my dear voyeurs, I haven’t matched with any of them.