9 most stupid reactions to Orlando (so far)


Considering how many people there are in the world and the ubiquity of the social media, it’s actually a miracle there have been so few.

1.Chase Strangio, a Staff Attorney with the ACLU’s LGBT & AIDS Project:







Because people at “Pulse” were the victims of a right-wing “anti-queer climate”.

2. Mir Seddique, the father of gunman Omar Mateen:

“This had nothing to do with religion.”

Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar is now also featured by Sydney’s Imam Husain Islamic Centre in a series of Ramadan talks. If I were a gay man in Sydney at the moment I would be tad worried. Just sayin’.

3. Tony Awards organisers: 

“Organizers didn’t say how the evening’s Tony broadcast would be affected, but “Hamilton” — the musical about founding father Alexander Hamilton that is expected to win big — will drop its use of muskets in its performance, according to a show’s spokesman.”

King George also wished that America were a gun-free zone.

4. Chase Strangio, for an encore:












Because denial is an Islamic river.

5. President Obama:

“[God] give us all the strength to be there for [the families of victims], and the strength and courage to change.”

Change? Because presumably we’re all to blame.

6. Anonymous:








Aaaaaaand the Victimhood Olympics start… now!

7. A Denver-area Imam:

“A Denver area Imam is saying that the terrorist murderer in Orlando couldn’t possibly be Muslim… because they aren’t allowed in gay clubs during Ramadan at night.”

That’s settled then.

8. Wil Wheaton:








Because the real problem are the Republicans, and the Republican guns, and the Republican homophobia. Even when the terrorist is a registered Democrat Muslim.

9. ABC’s Matt Dowd:

“And if we understand that all of the hateful thoughts become hateful words become hateful actions. And now, maybe in the course of this, after what happened, the temperatures will go down and we, sort of, get back to a place where we can understand the common good.”

Because the overheated campaign rhetoric. Of course.