See Nige rip


Nigel Farage is not particularly my kind of a guy, but I will give him this – he is the most epic parliamentary troll in the world today. Check out his latest, post-Brexit performance at the European Parliament:

All this to jeers, before, during and after, from Europe’s best and brightest.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker: “You were fighting for the exit … why are you here?”

Ummm, Jean-Claude, because Nigel is a democratically elected member of this body, representing his constituency, just like everyone else here. This sort of a comment illustrates perfectly the mentality of the European Union: if you don’t agree with our vision of Europe, there is no room for you. This is not democracy, it’s a cult.

Or the former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt: “Finally we will be getting rid of the biggest waste in the EU budget – that we have paid for 17 years of your salary.”

Because anyone at the EU has got credibility to talk about budgetary waste. Spare us, Guy.

The problem with the European Union is that it’s full of second-rate politician like Junkers and Verhofstadt – and in case of Junkers, second-rate politicians and third-rate human beings. The Union is a wet dream of every statist, snouts-in-the-trough, big government technocrat on the continent. As an institution it’s got all the power without any accountability; no wonder all the failed politicians and bureaucrats love it. It’s so far removed from the concerns – and from the control – of the very people it supposedly “represents” and on whose behalf it supposedly “works”, it gives the Eurocrats a 19th century political carte blanche while allowing them to wrap themselves in a 20th century democratic cloak.

This is the ultimate tragedy of contemporary Europe: people look at the many good things achieved over the years through greater cooperation, and then they look at all the tossers in charge of it, and say meh.