F*** ISIS. And f*** PC too.


Who knew?

Apparently waving a flag with a slogan “F*** ISIS”, and wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a man urinating on an ISIS flag amounts to “inciting racial hatred” against Muslims.

But I have been repeatedly told that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, so what gives?

Make no mistake, Tommy Robinson is a knob of first order. Formerly of the English Defence League and now the head of Pegida UK, he’s a poster boy for skinheads and football hooligans.

On the other hand, the UK Football Policing Unit and Bedfordshire Police who are pursuing him through courts in order to impose a “banning order” that would prevent him travelling overseas and attending soccer matches seem to be labouring under some gross geo-political misapprehensions.

So, the UK Football Policing Unit and Bedfordshire Police, please repeat after me: ISIS is the sworn enemy of Great Britain and its friends and allies. It is committed to the destruction of the British system of government and the British way of life. It is at war with Great Britain and Great Britain is at war with it. In fact, as we repeat this aloud after me, RAF is conducting airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq, SAS and other special forces are conducting military operations, and Brit soldiers and training anti-ISIS Iraqi and Kurdish Pashmerga forces. In other words, British armed forces are f***ing ISIS, and pissing on their flag too. Perhaps Bedfordshire Police would like to pursue them for inciting racial hatred against Muslims.