The morning after


Apologies for the dearth of posting; democracy is a jealous mistress. A few quick thoughts and reactions:

1.The lackluster results reflects the lackluster campaign by lackluster parties.

2. Senator Jackie Lambie must be hoping for a well hung parliament.

3. Congratulations to my mate, Trevor Evans on being elected as the new Member for Brisbane. It was a tough task, being preselected so late in a marginal seat with a suddenly retiring member, but he and his team delivered one of the great performances of the election day. I guess our CFMEU mate might not be able to come and f*** us over after all.

4. It is my humble opinion that in 2006 John Howard should have gone out on a highest possible note, an undefeated Prime Minister after ten – very good – years in office. It wasn’t to be. Since then, both the Coalition and the Labor Party have not had any luck finding palatable long-term Prime Ministers to govern Australia, instead giving us people who were either deeply flawed, electorally unpopular, policy disastrous, or any combination of the above. This trend continues.

5. Andrew Bolt has called for Malcolm Turnbull to stand down. Ho of course won’t. All the sound and fury for a wafer-thin government at best.

6. Labor basing their entire campaign on the Medicare privatisation lie is probably the most contemptible thing I’ve seen in Australian politics over the 22 years of my involvement. That they did so well – despite or because of it – is a sad indictment of politics today. The fact that the Coalition did not do better against such contemptible Opposition is just as sad, maybe even more so.