The grim cost of no war in Iraq


The left loves fighting wars – against wars. The release of the Chilcot report in Britain has given the anti-Iraq war left the new lease of life in re-fighting 2003. In Great Britain the current Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for the former Labour Party leader Tony Blair to be tried as a war criminal. In Australia, the serial grub Andrew Wilkie MP, accused “a number of political leaders who in my opinion have blood on their hands” by provoking terrorist attacks against Australia. Next time perhaps Australia shouldn’t wear such a short skirt.

And to remind us once again of the folly of war, the Independent has published this useful chart that shows “the grim cost of the war in Iraq”, in particular the “upper estimate” of the total civilian casualties post-2003.


















I thought there was something missing for context, so I developed my own chart.

grimcost2This is also the “upper estimates”, of Iraqis, Iranians and Kuwaitis who died as a result of Saddam’s wars on Iran and on Kuwait, as well as Iraqis, particularly Kurds and Shia, murdered by Saddam over the course of his rule.

Context; it’s always good.