Shooting range vs yoga


“Like the outdoors or going to the shooting range? So do a majority of conservatives interested in love. Liberals looking for love prefer museums, yoga and crying.”

This is one of the (hilarious, possibly unintentionally) conclusion the internet dating site OK Cupid has drawn from its analysis of 190,000 recent profiles of users who described themselves as either conservative and liberal.

What are some of the other fun conclusions about politically-minded people looking for love (and hook-ups)?

  • The Daily Show, Broad City, NPR, podcasts and weed are highly distinguishing words for liberals. Conservatives are likely to use words related to the church and armed forces like Jesus, faith, guns and Marines.
  • For right-wingers, steak and grilling indicate an interest in sex, while Dr. Pepper points to love. On the left, avocados and vegetarian correlate to love, while booze suggests sex.
  • Conservatives interested in love use the word guns, however conservatives interested in sex use the word firearms.
  • For liberals, mentioning Quentin Tarantino and Pulp Fiction suggest wanting pain during sex. For conservatives wanting pain, we see Walking Dead, Tombstone and Disney.
  • Those who mention the cowboys are most likely not open to receiving anal sex, while those mentioning Broad City are open to it.

According to OK Cupid, 50 per cent of its users would not date someone with opposing political views, a number which has been increasing since 2008, as our societies seem to be becoming more polarised. 2008 happens to be the year when Barack Obama was first elected as president, so I blame “the great uniter” for making the great dating divide even worse.

I’ve blogged about the cross-ideological dating a few weeks ago, drawing upon my extensive hands-on (ahem) experience in this area. In that experience (and I would love to hear from a left-wing online dater), the left is more adamant about not sleeping with the enemy than the right. Or at least, more upfront and open about it; I recall reading many a profile saying “If you vote for [insert the name of the current Liberal leader] please don’t contact me” or “Unless you’re left of centre we won’t get along” or other words to that effect, whereas I have never seen equivalent sentiments from the right.

In general, there are a lot less right-of-centre women doing online dating than left-of-centre ones (why that might be is a good topic for another time), and those who are tend not to advertise their politics straight away. In all cases I went out on a date with a conservative I have learned of her political inclinations down the track, often over dinner, as opposed to progressives, whose politics usually popped out if not on the profile itself then at least in early interactions.

And I have been quite fortunate never to have come across anyone interested in crying.