In 2016 Make Rudd History


The feel-good story of the day in an otherwise dark dark world:

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has taken the critical step of requesting Australian government support for his bid to become the next United Nations secretary-general, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has revealed…

“Kevin Rudd has requested that the Australian government nominate him and as [Malcolm Turnbull] has indicated on a number of occasions that will be a matter for the cabinet,” Ms Bishop told Sky News.

I have some advice for the cabinet. Don’t.

The guy is at best a casebook example of a narcissistic personality disorder, at worst a borderline psychopath. Everything about him is fake, constructed and staged; there is no human warmth or genuine personality, just a gigantic ego and an insatiable drive for power and, just as importantly, adulation. He has to be the smartest person in any room, and acknowledged as such. Other people are mere instruments of advancing his agenda.  He is a user, but also the meanest, rudest, brattiest one imaginable. He doesn’t understand people, and can’t relate to feelings and emotions; all his relationships and interactions are transactional or power plays. Rudd’s whole life is a giant psychodrama, which consumes everyone and everything around him.

I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Rudd in person, but over the years I’ve spoken to dozens of people who have known him quite well at various stages of his life and career; at university, in Queensland public service, in federal bureaucracy, journalists, party colleagues, Australian and foreign diplomats. He is the most viscerally hated public figure I’ve known, and those who know him the best hate him the most.

Rudd is a not just a fourth rate human being but also third rate leader and administrator. His Prime Ministership has been part-farce, part-disaster, one of the worst in Australia’s history. His management style has left his party and the public service in shell shock.

Arguably the United Nations deserves Rudd. He could do to the organisation what he has done to Australia and to its management what he has done to his own government. All that would make the world a better place. And let’s face it, Rudd is a better fit for the leadership of the UN than he was for the leadership of Australia – the body full of elitist, entitled, out-of-touch, trendy leftie wankers like himself.

But as much as it would be fun to watch Rudd the psychopath fully unleashed on the international community, ultimately I believe that it’s more important not to humour and reward bad people and bad behaviour. Like Marxism, it’s time to consign Kevin to the ash heap of history.