Ten signs the American political system is broken and we’re all going to hell


1)The Democrats have succeeded in stopping a Socialist who has never been a Democrat from becoming a Democrat presidential nominee. The Republicans have not succeeded in stopping a Democrat who has never been a Republican from becoming a Republic presidential nominee.

2) Donald Trump wants to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Hillary Clinton built a wall and made the Democrats pay for it.











3) At the Republican convention, an anti-Trump artist Spenser Tunick organised one hundred naked women holding mirrors to silently protest “repressive rhetoric” by the GOP against women and minorities. At the Democratic convention, a pro-Bernie group the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign will protest “the illusion of democracy” by eating beans and passing gas to coincide with the official nomination of Hillary Clinton.

4) The Republicans go for the American flags, the Democrats go for the Palestinian flags.

Dem5) Not that long ago the Republicans used to be anti-Russian and the Democrats used to believe that America wasn’t great. What a difference a few years can make.

6) Both parties go for Nazi salutes.

Dem37) The Republican convention consisted of delegates heckling and booing those who did not endorse the nominee. The Democratic convention consists of delegates heckling and booing those who did endorse the nominee.

8) In 2008, while Michelle Obama thought that Hillary Clinton was “the same old thing over and over again”, Donald Trump was still thanking her and Bill for the wedding gift. In 2016, Michelle thinks Hillary “has the grace and the guts to keep coming back” and Donald think she’s Crooked.

9) At the 2012 Convention, the Democrats booed God. At the 2016 Convention, the democrats booed goddess.

10) At the Republican Convention, Melania Trump plagiarised Michelle Obama; at the Democratic Convention, Eva Langoria plagiarised Jessica Alba.