Human Rights Watch categorises some terrorism as “Islam inspired”, all hell breaks loose


Poor Kenneth Roth, the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch. All he wanted to do was to illustrate the fact that the current levels of terrorism in Europe are not unprecedented – quite the contrary, they are reasonably low by the standards of the 1970s and 80s.













All that with a comment “The recent spike in terrorist incidents isn’t Europe’s worst but the inspiration now differs.” To illustrate this difference Kenneth labelled some terrorism “Islam inspired/Jihadist” to distinguish it from “Other” (such as far right, far left, nationalist, and sectarian), which was prevalent in the past.

And boy, did the crowd that usually appreciates the work of Human Rights Watch go nuts. Here is a selection of responses:

Put these #deathcounts in context. Isn’t focusing on #terrorism actually ignoring greater #socialproblems?

”Islam-inspired”?! Seriously? Please. You should know better. And where’s the “Mainstream media inspired hatred”? Disgraceful… And the ”Illegal wars inspired” terror attacks? And the ”drone attacks” inspired attacks? And simply “Sickos-led” attacks?

Correction: For you to show, “Islam-inspired” gives away your thoughts about Islam No connection between Islam & demented Jihadism.

and Europe has nothing to do with it right? Have we been invading a killing abroad lately?

wonder why the ‘Islam inspired jihadis’ are not targeting Argentina, Venezuela, Namibia or Guatemala.

Guess these figures aren’t including NATO-led terror launched from European soil against other lands?

So, situation normal: nothing to do with Islam, and it’s our fault anyway.