Looking for love in all the wrong place, the Convention Edition


Forget the boring party Conventions with their overhyped and hyperventilated rhetoric and the ugly divisions between the Trump and Never Trump forces on the one hand and between Hillary and Bernie forces on the other. How about some party unity instead?

According to the GPS data obtained by “The Daily Mail”, during the Republican Party Convention in Cleveland, the area around the Quicken Loans Arena where the convention was held so a huge spike in online dating activity:

  • Tinder up by 82 per cent
  • Grindr up by 66 per cent

So much for the GOP being homophobic.

A similar spike occurred in Philadelphia during the Democratic Party Convention around the venue, the Wells Cargo Centre. In the city of the brotherly love there hopefully wasn’t much brotherly love, as it’s illegal, but plenty of other action:

  • Tinder up by 54 per cent
  • Grindr up by 148 per cent (!)

The delegates, the media and assorted hangers-on must have been clearly inspired by Bill Clinton’s longest ever love story retelling.











(Relevant. Stolen from the net.)

Sadly, the raw data cannot answer some intriguing questions:

  1. How much of the 54 per cent increase in Tinder activity can be ascribed to Bill Clinton?
  2. How many amorous delegates woke up next morning only to Feel the Bern?
  3. How many dating profiles were plagiarised?
  4. Did lust trump ideological differences?
  5. Did the Republicans really chat about the outdoors or going to the shooting range, and the Democrats about museums, yoga and crying?

In any case, I’m really glad to see that the delegates got a jump start on practicing what either of the two candidates, if elected, will do to the country.