Which one of the 33 genders are you?


There are two sides to every story, three persons in the Holy Trinity, and four seasons, elements, and points of the compass – but according to the latest sex survey, there are 33 possible genders.

A wonderful local institution of higher learning, the Queensland University of Technology, where I had the pleasure of work last year, in conjunction with the Australian Sex Party, adult industry lobby group the Eros Foundation and the adult dating site operator Giga, have put together the new Australian Sex Survey.

“We’re looking at the changing face of gender and how that plays a part in making a decision about choosing a partner,” said QUT behavioural economist Stephen Whyte.

“Most people’s description of gender is very pigeonholed — either male or female — but there are so many new categories of different gender identities which allow people to identify across a spectrum,” he said.

In fact, there are at least 33, because the survey kindly gives you an option to self-describe your gender:


























Which one are you?

I was tempted to put in “Australian taxpayer” because I get screwed by governments of all political persuasions.