Miss Trans Jihad 2016


It is a truth universally acknowledged that whatever you think of the Islamic female attire, it is certainly voluminous and concealing enough to provide for anonymity or disguise.

It is also a truth universally acknowledged that burqa or no burqa, Arab dudes don’t make good Arab ladies.

But they try. Forget the enticing prospects of martyrdom in the course of jihad, with its 72 virgin reward in paradise; some terrorists have taken to pretending to be a virgin to escape an impending martyrdom. But cross-dressing your way out of trouble not always works, as our courageous entrants into the Miss Trans Jihad 2016 pageant demonstrate below. The Daily Chrenk stands with those brave jihadis as they attempt to explode the outmoded gender binarity model, and condemns their captors for their crude sexism and body shaming techniques.

Our first entrant comes from Afghanistan, representing the Taliban. Nice try, but perhaps should have shaved:


Our next contestant represents Boko Haram in Nigeria. All we can say is this is not a girl we wanted to be brought back:


Our next two contestants are ISIS entrants from Iraq. Commendation for the choice of colours:



Another Iraqi ISIS contestant surely gets bonus points for going the extra yard and putting on a bra:


Syrian ISIS doesn’t impress despite a group entry. It’s the not-demure-enough eyes that must have given these shameless hussies away:


Group entries are clearly “the thing” this season, with this bunch of Ethiopian cuties attempting to enter on behalf of Al Qaeda in Yemen:


But Syrian ISIS does deliver a winner – please welcome our new Miss Trans Jihad 2016 winner, “Fatima”, who takes the crown for his full make-up effort (this winning entry thanks to the vigilance of Kurdish fighters in Syria):