On the road again…


…just can’t wait to get on the road again, as the old song goes.

Well, kind of, tampered as my travel desires are by the chronic fatigue deciding to play up just before the departure, I’m sitting in the temporary Qantas lounge at the Brisbane International Airport, with about an hour to spare before my flight takes off.

For the next 30 days, The Daily Chrenk will report for you from the road, or at least try to. While I will continue to comment on news and issues of the day, I also intend to report first-hand from a range of locations around the world, throughout Europe and elsewhere. So stay tuned for some hard-hitting – and no doubt some low-hitting – travel and current affairs reportage from your intrepid Polish-Australian fish out of water.

Travel, as well as longer term residence abroad, changes you as a person. I have no doubt that the fact I have spent the first fifteen years of my life living on the other side of the world and under a different system of government made me a different person than I would have been had I spent my entire life in Australia. Similarly, the travel I’ve done over the years to places, some well known, some exotic and off the beaten path, opened my eyes to the realities of life elsewhere around the world as no book or a TV documentary, however excellent, can. So if you are able to, go and get out, and not just to popular holiday spots and resorts but to places that will help you see how the other half (or 99 per cent) live, work, think, laugh, love, hate, pray and dream.