The left bashes Trump for believing conspiracy theories perpetuated by the left


You don’t see me too often defending Donald Trump, but what’s fair is fair. The left keeps slamming Trump (rightly) for being a conspiracy monger, forgetting to mention that the conspiracy theories he mongers all originate on the left and/or are believed by large sections of the left. Trump should know better than to believe left-wing rubbish, but clearly he doesn’t; the left-wing media and commentariat should have some honesty and some shame, but it clearly doesn’t either, being the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

While Trump has now acknowledged “President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period. Now we all want to get back to making America strong and great again”, “The New York Times” and others continue to slam him. In his hit piece “Donald Trump clung to a ‘birther’ lie for years, and still isn’t apologetic”, Michael Barbaro seethes: “He nurtured the conspiracy like a poisonous flower, watering and feeding it with an ardour that still baffles and embarrasses many around him.”

In a front-page story on its traditional pink pages, “The Financial Review” today goes as far as to state that Trump has “falsely accused” Hillary Clinton of starting the rumour about Obama’s Kenyan birth.

Well, “Financial Times” and the outraged “New York Times” and countless others, I’m sorry to remind you, but Hillary Clinton did start the “birther” movement during her bruising 2008 Democratic presidential primaries battle against Obama, the defeat she has never forgiven him for. It was a Clinton man Sid Blumenthal who shopped the story to the McClatchy news service, so much so that McClutchy even sent a reporter to Kenya to investigate.

In the past, Trump has been slammed for linking Ted Cruz’s father to the assassination of President John F Kennedy. The stories that anyone other than a communist nutjob Lee Harvey Oswald was responsible for the killing have been first started by the American far-left, with their targets representing the complete gallery of the left’s devils: anti-Castro Cubans, CIA, FBI, Texan oilmen, LBJ, the list goes on. All these conspiracy theories have been for over half a century now propagated by an army of left-wing journalists, activists and propagandists, including everyone’s darling Oliver Stone. The result of this relentless onslaught is that sadly the majority of the people today believe all these fantasies rather than the less exciting reality.

Trump has also been known to attack the Bush administration’s handling of September 11, saying that President Bush had an “advanced notice” it was coming, and that when he (Trump) is the president “you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Centre”, echoing numerous criticisms and conspiracy theories from the left (to be fair to Trump, by those who really knocked down the Twin Towers he means the Saudis, though it’s not certain what he means by the Saudis).

When will the left and the media and the left-wing media (but I’m repeating myself) finally embrace Trump as one of their own, a candidate that all through the primaries they nurtured like a poisonous flower, watering and feeding him with an ardour that still baffles and embarrasses many around him?