While America slept (with itself, and then bragged about it)…


…Vladimir “Ras” Putin has been grabbing America by the p**** (see a rare photo above). He doesn’t need an open mic to talk about it either – actions speak louder than words.

Two utterly deplorable candidates are fighting it out in the election; a vulgar populist masquerading as a conservative, and a corrupt opportunist masquerading as a human. The campaign has now descended into a debate whether the GOP candidate forcing himself on women is better or worse than the Dem candidate’s husband’s alleged sexual assaults and her own complicity in covering them up over several decades. Meanwhile, the world looks on with amazement; America’s friends with despondency, America’s enemies with glee. It’s like watching the end of the Western Roman Empire or the declining years of the Ottoman Caliphate.

But we can’t blame the election farce alone; the rot has set in much earlier, during the spineless and confused Obama presidency, during which the pre-emptive Nobel Peace Prize winner ended up running down the American power while in the pursuit of international adulation. During his two terms, Obama emboldened the enemies he tried to make friends with and sidelined the allies he thought were unnecessary.

Nature abhors the American vacuum. Take, for example, Russia, and just in the space of the past few days:

  • Has again deployed Iskander nuclear missiles in the enclave of Kaliningrad (formerly East Prussian Konigsberg), which is sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania and is connected to Russia only via Baltic sea-lanes. Iskander has the range of 700km; it can thus successfully intimidate Poland and the Baltic states, as well as threaten the eastern Germany.
  • Has told its citizens, through the Ministry of Defence’s official TV channel Zvezda (Star), that “nuclear war with the West could happen soon”. Three days later, Russia has launched a civil defence exercise involving 200,000 emergency personnel and cooperation 40 million people in preparation for a possible Western WMD attack. All while she is modernising and expanding her nuclear arsenal and has just suspended cooperation with the US regarding the disposal of surplus weapons-grade plutonium under a 2000 agreement.
  • Continues the aerial bombardment of Aleppo in Syria, in support of Assad’s Syrian army assault on the city. There is no ISIS anywhere near Aleppo but then again neither Assad nor Putin are interested in fighting ISIS. Russia has also vetoed a Security Council resolution calling on the stop to bombardment of Aleppo.
  • Is considering reopening the signals intelligence base in Lourdes, Cuba, and a deep water naval base in Cam Rahn, Vietnam. Both were closed and vacated by the Russians in the early ‘00s during the process of improving the Russian-US relations.
  • Has been, as the US Intelligence Community is now “confident”, behind the hacking of private emails and the release of the information to sites like DCleaks.com and Wikileaks, all “intended to interfere with the US election process”. Nothing new here, but it’s the first official-level American finger pointing at Russia in this regard.

This is just Russia doing what Russia does when it feels it can get away with it. I could talk about others – I call them PRICKs (Petrocracies, Russia, Iran, China, Korea) – but I won’t bore you. You get the drift. When you think about the next four years and the alternatives – an America First isolationist who hasn’t yet met a strongman he didn’t like, or a sick and compromised former Secretary of State who presided over America’s decline, you do hope there is a God and that in the end he likes the United States.