Happy Character Counts Week!


By virtue of the authority vested in his by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, President Barack Obama did hereby proclaim October 16 through October 22, 2016, as National Character Counts Week.

There is no punchline; this is it. As the Messiah (soon to be the ex-Messiah) preaches:

No matter who you are, what you look like, where you come from, or what your circumstances are, America should be a place where the things that make you unique and different are celebrated. That promise of equality and acceptance has been our country’s North Star since its founding…

Let us listen to each other, see each other, and recognize the common humanity that makes America what it is. Let us embrace the multitudes of races, faiths, cultures, and origins that make up our diverse, vibrant Nation.

And thus did the POTUS manage to distil the concept of character into just one virtue – tolerance. Welcome to 2016. When our ancestors – from ancient Greek, who gave it the name, onwards – thought of the concept they were able to name a long list of virtues that constituted good moral character: inner strength, courage, honesty, loyalty, compassion, integrity, justice, generosity, property of conduct, and others.

But all that is too much to expect of people in our day and age. Plus, to do so would be judgmental. Hence the elevation of tolerance – which is seen by the left, incorrectly, as the antithesis of judgment – above, if not to the exclusion of all other components of character.

Tolerance itself has been redefined in two ways by the left. Firstly, from the original “live and let live” passive concept to an active requirement that you have to accept, embrace and celebrate what you “tolerate”. Thus when you are encouraged (forcefully) to be tolerant, you are actually asked, as Obama suggests, to celebrate the difference; diversity being deemed a good and an end in itself. In reality, the left celebrates diversity because diversity dilutes the concepts and characteristics – “the dominant forces” – they hate in their own society, but it would be too rude to admit that, at least for the politicians, since most voters fall into at least one of these disparaged dominant categories (white, male, heterosexual, middle class, native-born, Christian, etc.).

Secondly, tolerance means pretty much agreeing with the left. Having different than standard left opinions makes you intolerant, and that, in turn, means you don’t need to be tolerated yourself. Gone are the days of “I might not agree with you but I will defend to death your right to say so”; in is the new hotness: “You might not agree with me, but I will defend to death my right to make you so.” Tolerance has become a circle jerk. Spinoza and Voltaire must be rolling in their graves.

The left has first succeeded in defining the deviancy down, now it is succeeding in defining virtue and character down.

Thus, narrowing down the concept of character just to tolerance has two extra benefits for the left. Firstly, it puts the spotlight and the onus on the right; the left is already tolerant, it’s the right which has yet work to do to live up to the ideal. Secondly, and more immediately, it glosses over the sick joke of the Democrats having nominated Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate.

Sam Levine at The Huffington Post certainly knows his talking points:

The proclamation marking the annual event, which is always the third week in October, takes on a special significance in the middle of a particularly nasty presidential campaign. This week alone, Donald Trump attacked the credibility of multiple women who have come forward to accuse him of sexual assault. He has built his campaign on attacks of several groups, including Mexicans, Muslims and women.

Trump is intolerant, therefore he has no character. Voila!

That Trump has no character has been painfully clear to anyone who has been following his public career and his private life for the past several decades. But his supposed intolerance is the least of it; he is a nasty narcissist, a bottom dwelling user, abuser and a buffoon. All that is well known.

But the problem is that as Obama calls on us to recognise that Character Counts, the woman who will most likely succeed him on behalf of his own party is an opportunistic fake and an amoral and corrupt crook and liar. And one who, for decades, has been protecting out of political expediency her sexual predator husband. But she’s tolerant, at least of the views she agrees with, so it’s all good.

This is the ultimate irony in a year already so full of it: we are asked to remember that character counts because the majority of the preselectors in our two major parties has so clearly forgotten.