“I know where you live c***”- another day, another CFMEU


So “Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has released a shocking, expletive-laden video of a union official’s threatening behaviour on a Queensland construction site.” A “shocking, expletive-laden video” of a CFMEU official? Surely it can’t be! It’s deja vu all over again!

In the latest video, a CFMEU charmer is threatening to shut down the Parkland Commonwealth Games Village Project on the Gold Coast. Some choice quotes:

“What do you want to do? You want your job shut down for another two days?”

“Youse want to f*** with me, I tell you now mate. Get off your f***ing arse, you’re supposed to be a safety adviser.”

“Go f*** yourself. Film it. Because you know what, I got a lot more f***ing money and loyal people.”

“You know what, I know your phone number. I know where you live c***. I’m telling you now.”

You can watch the whole video at the link. I have no idea why they pixelated his face though; the guy after all was happy to be filmed and I’m sure he proudly stands behind his words.

This of course brought back many happy memories of campaigning for the now new Member for Brisbane Trevor Evans in Newstead, where two Saturday mornings in a row I was abused by a CFMEU member, the second time on video.

You can read the original stories here, here and here. And this is the “funny home (construction) video” itself:

At least I made the guy a viral sensation. As I wrote then:

“The Daily Mail” called the video “shocking”. Personally, I don’t find it particularly shocking; in fact, quite routine really. This is partly a matter of having a thick skin and partly of being desensitised. In 22 years of being involved in politics, sometimes working in politics, and occasionally writing about it, I have been called every name under the sun from the c*** down and been wished all manner of violent and unpleasant deaths. Anyone else who’s been around politics for a while is bound to have had similar experiences or at least have friends who had. This isn’t meant to excuse or lessen the impact of the sort of behaviour I captured on video, but to point out that it’s not unique, if mostly out of the public eye.

There is no doubt that there is a culture of thuggery and criminality within the hierarchy and the ranks of some unions, which is a great shame because it tars with the same brush so many decent trade unionists, not to mention average working men and women, whose views and attitudes such behaviour does not represent. It has to end.