Make love to Gaia


It must be my MONA visit last week, but this latest art extravaganza news has caught my attention:

According to performance art duo Pony Express, we’ve fucked the biosphere. To help us fuck it more gently, their new project includes a composting glory hole, bee BDSM, and sprouting panties.


If you’re in Sydeny, you still have three days to experience this innovative art installation as part of the 2016 Liveworks Festival of experimental art:

Ecosexual Bathhouse is an immersive experience inviting you to leave the urban wasteland behind and open yourself up to an intimate encounter with the biosphere.

Perth-based artist collective Pony Express offer up a cave of wonder with a variety of eco-erotic experiences. Experiment with pollination, unwind in the sauna or be guided by a bathhouse regular toward your own organic awakening. Catering to all—from the mildly bio-curious to the environmentally experienced—we encourage you to embrace the earth and give in to your budding naturist.

Drawing on the Eco-sex manifesto by Annie Sprinkle and Dr Elizabeth Stephens, Ecosexual Bathhouse explores a radical environmentalism where the political becomes very personal. The six awe-inspiring spaces of Ecosexual Bathhouse invite us to reconsider the relationship between humans and nature: because if we can learn to the love the Earth, then maybe we can save it.

M’okay again.

As Pony Express describe themselves: “Pony Express is a collaborative body led by playwright and performance maker Ian Sinclair and transdisciplinary artist Loren Kronemyer.  Through their pandrogynous collaborative process, Pony Express work across platforms of media art, live art, group devising methodology and an antidisciplinary approach to create immersive alternate realities.”

M’okay, part 3.

In case you were wondering, Ecosexual Bathhouse is supported by the Western Australian State Government through the Department of Culture and the Arts. Aren’t you glad the fruits of the mining boom are going to good use.

For a really good laugh, I recommend you read Olivia Parkes’ review of the Bathhouse for “Vice”. Some of the highlights:

The project is premised on “ecosexuality”—a nascent queer identity that considers the environment an erotic partner. Ecosexual Bathhouse imagines a world where this identity is on the brink of becoming mainstream, and the project offers its audience a safe place to really get in touch with nature. It draws heavily on both the queer and environmentalist movements—updating their activism with a touch of post-human hedonism for the 21st century, for when sustainability has reached its limit and the brink of environmental apocalypse looks close enough to jump…

Ultimately, Pony Express envisions Ecosexual Bathhouse as a hedonistic Eden for a post-sustainable age. “We see the project positioned as a kind of bacchanal—think Caligula,” Kronemyer says. “Everything is crashing down around us, and our response is orgiastic decadence, rather than increasing austerity and self-containment. It’s about transgressing the boundaries of what humans are meant to do with their senses and other organisms.”

While the whole venture is fairly tongue-in-cheek, the duo insists that they earnestly identify with ecosexuality as an experience. “It is important for me to make clear that the work is infused with a dark and playful humor, while maintaining sincerely the idea that it is possible to receive erotic transmissions from the environment,” Kronemyer says.

A strong BDSM through-line in Ecosexual Bathhouse attempts to push perceptions of human dominance in the biosphere to imagine human submission to it, and to consider the relationship as one that requires consent.

M’okay, I’m out of m’okays.

I guess it all makes the creators and participants Mother(Earth)f***s. At only $20,000 it’s a bargain.