THE NOT-SO-NEW AND SLIGHTLY IMPROVED DAILY CHRENK – Some changes coming from today to your favourite blog. No, you won’t have to pay to read it, though you can always buy me a Coke Zero. Basically, in addition to the more meaty posts you’ve become accustomed on The Daily Chrenk, you will also see (hopefully a lot of) smaller posts – like this one – which will focus on interesting links or shorter reflections. You will be able to easily distinguish both types of posts, as the longer and more substantial ones (you can call them op-eds or mini-essays) will retain their├é┬álarge font title and a featured picture, while the shorter ones (blog posts, as more properly understood) – like this one – will have a capitalised title in the body of the post only and won’t have an accompanying picture.

This small change comes in recognition of two factors. Firstly, there are many stories and topics where I don’t necessarily have enough original – or even unoriginal – thoughts and reflections for a 500-1500-word article, but nevertheless still want to say something. Secondly, I want to provide you with a better value for money you’re not paying me, and give you more, and more varied, regular content. As much as I enjoy writing, I simply can’t turn out 3 or 4 long pieces a day (I probably could, but you definitely would have to pay me for that) and I don’t want you to visit The Daily Chrenk and leave disappointed because there has been only one new story since yesterday and it’s on a topic that doesn’t interest you. Where content is concerned, as a one man operation I simply cannot compete with a whole range of news-commentary sites like National Review Corner, The Daily Caller, The Daily Wire, PJ Media, Hot Air, Heat Street, Ricochet and a huge number of others, which all rely on large numbers of contributors to give you dozens of new stories every day. Even the good old Instapundit is now a group blog with three others supporting Glenn in his excellent work.

So there you have it – hope you will enjoy this little change and keep coming back for more.