HOW ARE YOU FEELING ABOUT THE EXTINCTION OF WHITE MEN? – In which the creator of the most influential TV series that no one watches discusses with her dad what a swell idea it would be if white men became extinct. In case you were wondering why Lena Dunham is an idiot, now you know: she takes after her father.

Being a white man, I’m labouring under a most likely mistaken impression that I can respond in any way to this eliminationist (that’s a nicer and more clinical way of saying genocidal) rhetoric without being automatically labelled sexist and/or misogynist. Since I can’t, and since I don’t care anyway, here it is, in no particular order:

1.I feel fine, as long as we can backdate it, since no Carroll Dunham means no Lana Dunham. There are some good points even about extinction.

2. To realise just how inane the question is, try substituting other adjectives, for example, how are you feeling about the extinction of Muslim men? Or Jewish men? Or black men? Or gay men? Or try substituting a different noun, like white women.

3. To steal from Winston Churchill, if all women were like Lana I would gladly voluntarily go extinct.

4. Imagine there’s no white men, imagine if you can… It happens to be a world in which Lana Dunham is barefoot, burqa-clad and knees-deep in a rice paddy, well on the way to her own private extinction at the age of 30, following an infection post her eighth pregnancy.

5. On behalf of the white men I apologise for creating the modern world where a vapid and over-indulged Gen Y multi-millionaire can whinge about how horrible life is.