BREAKING NEWS: ROBERT FISK IS STILL ALIVE. AND STILL AN IDIOT – As we will celebrate on Friday the 98th anniversary of the end of the First World War, lest we forget we are all racists:

On Britain’s international television channels, Christmas was long ago banned (save for news stories on the Pope). There are no Christmas trees any more beside the presenters’ desks, not a sprig of holly. For we live in a multicultural society, in which such manifestations might be offensive to other “cultures” (I use that word advisedly, for culture to me means Beethoven and the poet Hafiz and Monet).

And for the same reason, our international screens never show the slightest clue of Eid festivities (save again for news stories) lest this, too, offends another “culture”. Yet the poppy just manages to sneak onto the screen of BBC World; it is permissable, you see, the very last symbol that “our” dead remain more precious than the millions of human beings we have killed, in the Middle East for example, for whom we wear no token of remembrance. Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara will be wearing his poppy this week – but not for those he liquidated in his grotesque invasion of Iraq.

And in this sense, I fear that the wearing of the poppy has become a symbol of racism.

Fisk also makes an argument, if you can call it that, that Brexit dishonours the British soldiers who died defending the then European allies (against other – current – European allies; a point Fisk fails to make). Or something. After reading this op-ed, I feel I need to wear some sort of a flower to commemorate the millions of my brain cells that died in the process. Perhaps a poppycock.