THESE WERE THE WORST OF TIMES TO LIVE, THESE WERE THE BEST OF TIMES TO BLOG – Rejoice, America; your long election campaign nightmare is nearly over. The bad news is that the long 4-year nightmare of a Clinton or a Trump presidency is about to begin. In a few months’ time you will look back fondly to these pre-November days when the present, however horrible, seemed less so for the future being pregnant with all the possibilities, such as that Trump will reveal his run to be a practical joke and a subject of a forthcoming reality TV show, or that the humanity will be wiped out in a catastrophic meteorite impact. Alas.

I will make this one prediction though. I have no idea who is going to win; this has been the strangest campaign I have ever witnessed and the opinion polls have been all over the place – though I still think, as I thought all along, that Hillary remains a favourite. The prediction is this: it will not actually turn out to be a 4-year nightmare of a Clinton or a Trump presidency. Whoever wins today, I have a strong and foreboding feeling they will not serve the full term, their tenure cut short either by death (natural or unnatural), disability or legal entanglement. Which in a greater scheme of things wouldn’t be a bad thing*, since both Pence and Kaine are significantly saner and more decent than their top tickets.

Assume the brace position.

(*I’m not wishing anyone death)