Behind every great man is a woman who can also nail


I don’t watch Channel 10’s “The Project”. Nothing personal; I generally don’t watch TV, and as of yesterday I have this completely inexplicable and irrational fear that I’ll start watching some reality TV – “The Bachelor” or “The Survivor”, or “The Bachelor Survivor” – and will wake up ten years later and its host will be the President-elect. So I wasn’t watching “The Project” last night either, but I’m reliably told that my all-time favourite media personality Waleed Aly was absent, perhaps needing a bit of a lie-down. While he was away, however, the panel discussion still managed to degenerate into shouty exchanges, provoked by the outrageous democratic choice of the American people (or at least the sub-human part of the electorate), with the left (i.e. majority of the guests) once again demonstrating their well-known tolerance for differing views and perspectives that produced the Trump phenomenon in the first place.

Have no fear, though. While Waleed might not have been there last night to tell you what to think if you are a fashionable inner-city progressive, there is always his wife to enable to continue their strange fascination with the Alys. Gushed, this time, Vanessa Brown:

Susan Carland has once again hit the nail squarely on the head.

Yes, that’s right – just like her husband, you guessed it… she nailed it!

While the world comes to terms with the reality of Donald Trump as the 45th President, Dr Carland — wife of Gold Logie winner and The Project’s Waleed Aly — is wishing for just one thing right now.

A stiff drink.

Taking to Twitter, Dr Carland expressed her concern as a Muslim woman over the election result, saying “a lot of Muslims kind of wish they could have a stiff drink right now”…

Dr Carland’s tweet has been liked more than 650 times and her sentiment was reflected by others.


To paraphrase an old saying, one day I hope to find the love of my life who will looks at me like looks at Waleed Aly and Susan Carland.