They are wrong but we are evil


Some people, surprisingly, continue to be surprised by the seeming hypocrisy on the part of large sections of the left – if the left wins the election, the right better accept the result, but if the right wins then #NotMyPresident; the right has to tolerate all speech, the left wants to ban the right speech; so on and so forth.

But there is no secret to it. It all flows from the oft-quoted dictum that the right thinks that the left is wrong but the left thinks the right is evil. While the right makes a factual judgment and finds the left mistaken, the left makes both a factual judgment as well as a moral judgment and finds the right both incorrect and malicious.

If all that you think, say or do can be described as sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic and otherwise bigoted, then clearly it’s beyond the pale. You don’t argue with evil, you silence it; you don’t tolerate evil, you ban it; you don’t compromise with evil, you destroy it. The end justifies the means; extremism in fighting evil is no vice. It’s OK to hate hatred.

They are wrong, but we are evil, my dear readers (well, most of you). Once you understand that, you understand everything. Including Mr Walz of Valley Stream, New York: