S*** A BRICK – My favourite childhood toy, LEGO, has gone all PC and joined the boycott of my favourite adulthood tabloid “The Daily Mail”, goaded on by the “Stop Funding Hate” campaign, which proclaims “Don’t hate the media – change the media. Help us take on the divisive hate campaigns of the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express.” And by hate campaigns, the SJWs at Stop Funding Hate mean the Mail’s brand of reporting on immigration and multiculturalism.



Both LEGO and the Daily Mail are commercial businesses and are free to have or not to have a relationship, for whatever reason. If LEGO thinks that the Mail’s reporting is racist and hateful they are perfectly free to keep away they advertising dollars.

But as much as the above is true, it’s difficult not to continue to reflect on the left’s continuing assault on free speech. If they can’t get the government to ban it, then they will organise commercial boycotts to “change the media”. Whatever happened to just being able to disagree without trying to silence views you disagree with? But as I wrote yesterday, if you believe that the other side is not merely wrong but evil, you give yourself a licence to do everything in your power to vanquish and banish that evil.

“Don’t debate, eliminate” seems to be the left’s motto in 2016. If I disagree with “The Sydney Morning Herald” I don’t buy the newspaper. If the left disagrees with “The Daily Mail” they want to stop me from buying the newspaper.

Personally, I’m going to buy myself a nice big LEGO set for Christmas. And build a wall.