IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SECEDE… –  I always thought that secession was for losers, and the latest murmurs about some people in the West Coast states wanting to leave the Union – and maybe even join Canada – merely reinforces that impression in my mind. We’re talking about fringes here, but even fringes can be indicative and illustrative of larger trends.

Californians are dreaming of ditching the US and joining Canada as backing grows for some American states to pull off  ‘their own Brexit’.

Momentum is building for a proposal which would see California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington state ditch a USA run by Donald Trump.

#CalExit was apparently trending on Twitter. But if the movement is to succeed and secede it needs a catchier name than CalExit. Maybe Wexit, after the West Coast, or CalCan, in light of the union with the “snow Mexicans”. Anyway, good luck, guys; for the sake of the rest of America never having a Democrat president ever again I might even chip in a few dollars towards extending  the Wall all the way due north.