FFS, just grow up


You know what really bothers me about all the most outlandish anti-Trump hysteria? That the most ridiculous examples of it take place on college and university campuses. The people involved would probably explain this by saying that because they are the most educated and intelligent section of society, they, better than anyone else, understand the danger. Nice try, Millennials, but half the population shares your educational experience, so really, you’re not that special.

There is something seriously wrong with our society when our institutions of higher learning (let me repeat that: higher learning, to distinguish them from preschools and kindergartens) are so full of the most fragile and emotionally unstable that we are seeing things like these:

Teddy bears, Play-Doh and coloring books are staples of nursery schools, but now they are showing up on college campuses to help distraught students cope with the election of a president they don’t like.

Around the nation, students are turning to the tools of toddlers as a bizarre form of therapy in the wake of Donald Trump’s election last week. Colleges and universities are encouraging students to cry, cuddle with puppies and sip hot chocolate to soothe their fragile psyches, an approach some critics say would be funny if it weren’t so alarming…

Among the top-notch schools sending devastated students back to their early childhood:

  • Cornell University recently hosted a “cry-in,” complete with hot chocolate and tissues for disappointed Hillary Clinton supporters.
  • University of Pennsylvania brought in a puppy and a kitten for therapeutic cuddling.
  • Tufts University held arts and crafts sessions for students.
  • University of Michigan Law School scheduled an event for this Friday called “Post-Election Self-Care With Food and Play” with “stress-busting self-care activities” including coloring, blowing bubbles, sculpting with Play-Doh and “positive card making.”

At University of Michigan-Flint, students are able to visit “safe spaces” and receive counseling for their post-election needs, a program that Business Professor Mark Perry called “disturbing.”

“Disturbing” doesn’t even come close. FFS children – and that’s what you really are, despite your biological age somewhere at the start of your third decade on this planet – just grow up, won’t you? You do claim to be the society’s intellectual elite, the best and the brightest, the hope for the future, but you are completely mentally and emotionally unprepared for the stark realities of life that most people seem to generally learn by the time they finish kindergarten: life is not fair, life can be tough, sometimes you win sometimes you lose, life goes on. When you graduate and go out into the real world, there is no effing play-doh and safe spaces and cry-ins. Unless you start facing this reality pretty damned soon you will be completely crushed by life as it is as opposed how you imagine it is in your twenty-plus years of completely mollycoddled existence. Yes, I blame you for being ridiculous, but I also blame your parents for bringing you up like that, the eternal toddlers that no one ever says “no” to.

It sucks for you, but it sucks for our society too, because we do actually need the leaders of tomorrow – in professions, in communities, in politics. But so far, you ain’t it.

Nowadays you can identify as just about anything; how about start identifying as adults for a change?

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