MIND THE SUWALKI GAP – There used to be a more innocent time online – not that long ago, actually – when the “gap” that everyone was talking about was the unhealthy trend of too-skinny girls’ and women’s thighs not touching, creating the said gap in a silhouette.

Alas, now when I’m reading about the “gap”, it’s more likely to be the Suwalki Gap, which is a short stretch of flat borderland between Poland and Lithuania, which coincidentally also separates Russia’s triangular Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad (formerly the East Prussian Konigsberg) from the territory of Russia’s puppet/ally Belarus. However, quite like the other “gap”, the Suwalki one is the gap between the thighs of the Eastern Europe through which the Eastern Europe is the most likely to get f***ed, should Putin ever press the button.


Now that Russia has completed its deployment of nuclear-capable Iskander missiles in the Kaliningrad enclave, both Poland and Lithuania have Putin’s raging erections pointing at them from right across their borders. All throughout the dark days of the Cold War, NATO strategists were predicting that any surprise Soviet/Warsaw Pact armoured thrust into the West Germany and the Western Europe would likely come through the so-called Fulda Gap. These days, should Russia want to break out into NATO Europe through the Baltic states, it will be through the Suwalki Gap.

Meanwhile, Professor Paul D Miller or the National Defence University in Washington, D.C., is following up on his 2014 (successful) prediction of the Russian invasion of Crimea with a new prediction that Latvia, or possibly Estonia, are next in Putin’s sights (to be honest, not a particular new, original or startling prediction), though the good professor doesn’t believe they will be subject to a conventional invasion, but rather a Kremlin-stirred civil conflict involving large ethnic Russian minorities in both countries.

As News.com.au has it

suwalkigap1“you may not have heard of this country”, which reminds me that it’s not just you but the media that can be quite ignorant


Either way, pray that you won’t have reasons to learn more Eastern European geography any time soon.