MODERN ARCHITECTURE IS GARBAGE, PART 467 – Contrary to what you might expect from my politics, in architecture and design I’m not actually a faddy-daddy traditionalist who pines for the timeless elegance of the Renaissance or the conservative power of Neo-Classicism. I do despise (though I’m car crash-like fascinated by) the Soviet-inspired Socialist Realism and I similarly despise Modernism with its harsh, angular, bare, concrete brutalism. Ironically, since I’m otherwise not a fan of post-modernism, I love this style in architecture, with all its whimsicism,  unconventionality and unbound imagination. Having said all that, I think that a lot of the modern architecture, particularly the highly-celebrated one, is a trendy circle jerk. Like this:

A university building in Peru designed by a female-led Irish firm has won the first Royal Institute of British Architects global architecture prize.

The Universidad de Ingenieria y Tecnologia (UTEC) in Lima was described by Riba as “inspirational” and a “bold new addition to the city skyline”…

[The prize] was set up to “celebrate civil architecture that empowers people and societies to innovate and progress”, Riba said.

The high-rise UTEC building, designed by Dublin-based Grafton Architects, was described by the Riba jury as “a series of landscaped terraces with clefts, overhangs and grottos” which resembles a “modern day Machu Picchu”.

The panel, chaired by Lord Rogers, said it was “an exceptional example of civil architecture – a building designed with people at its heart”.


“A modern day Machu Picchu” – just like the original Machu Picchu, except designed by blind people who hate beauty.


“A building designed with people at heart” – terrible, terrible people, who deserve to be lost in the labyrinth of concrete.