DREAM INTERPRETATION – A few nights ago I had a dream that I was back in my old apartment where I used to live while growing up in Krakow, on the first floor of a four-storey tenement on the corner of Bonerowska and Librowszczyzna Streets, just outside the Old Town. Somehow, my cat Caesar found his way to join me in Poland and was standing on a window parapet, looking and sniffing into the night, when I large bird of prey swooped down and snatched him. The dream continued into the following dream day when after hours of fruitless search I finally chanced upon Caesar’s dead body in the gutter a few streets away.

I told a friend I was having coffee with the next day about the dream and we spent a few fruitful minutes on our phones googling online dream dictionaries. Having a cat snatched by a bird seems too much of a niche dream to have generated its own interpretations, but there were several relating to seeing your pet dead, to which I won’t link out of respect for this blog and for you, dear reader, but they revolved around things like the need to unleash your femininity or welcoming new beginnings.

Rather unsatisfied by these rather prosaic explanations, a few moments later I experienced a light bulb moment. Dream dictionaries were wrong. What I really dreamed about was the US election. The bird of prey, most likely an American eagle, represented Donald Trump; my cat represented Hillary Clinton. The eagle swooped down and grabbed… ahem… the cat and quickly disposed of it, just like Trump did of Hillary.

You see, sometimes the simplest explanations are the best. As to what all this tells you about my subconsciousness, well, let’s just say it might explain a thing or two.