GARBAGE FROM GARBAGEFading pop star analysing international situation:

With September 11 I think the world got really conservative.

And whenever the world gets conservative, women are affected.

There’s definitely a global movement towards eradicating women’s rights.

You’ll see it in Poland, you’ll see it in Argentina, you’re seeing it in the States. I mean, it’s just everywhere.

That’s Shirley Manson, the lead songstress of Garbage.

Asking for an American friend: precisely which women’s rights are being eradicated in the United States at the moment? Apart from the right – nay, an entitlement – of a corrupt female robot to be elected as the president?

I don’t know whether the world got really conservative after September 11. The US, after all, elected – twice – a black president, and a very left-wing one to that. What September 11 did make us realise though, by forcing us to look further than just out of our windows, how throughout much of the world women have little or no rights at all. And this has nothing to do with Donald Trump, or the Western imperialism, the GOP, or the fashion industry promoting unrealistic body images. But I’m pretty sure that’s not what Ms Manson is thinking about.