CULTURALLY ENRICHED – Where political correctness trumps policing, the public suffers:

South Sudanese parents in Australia are sending their children to boarding schools in Africa to escape rising youth crime rates.

Desperate parents have told 7.30 it is safer for their children to go to school in Kenya or Uganda than live in some Melbourne suburbs.

“It is very extreme, but there are many cases where that has really worked to the best of young people,” said Kot Monoah, chair of the South Sudanese Community in Victoria.

The community has been rocked by a recent rise in arrests of its young people for carjacking and home invasions, and the emergence of the Apex gang, which is made up largely of South Sudanese youth.

The parents say teenagers in Australia enjoy too much freedom (“Children have figured out how to rort the child protection system… with the result that some young people are making untrue claims about their parents in order to escape a strict upbringing”). Undoubtedly as compared to the traditional South Sudanese upbringing, but that does not explain while South Sudanese and other ethnic kids are over-represented in youth gangs.