WOMEN ONCE AGAIN HARDEST HIT – I’m all for more women in science – and more men in teaching, nursing, retail and administration (what are we going to do to redress this clear harmful gender imbalance? Anyone?) – but this sounds more like a ploy of a horror movie:

An initiative started by an Australian woman will see the largest all-female expedition set sail to Antarctica.

The expedition comprising 76 scientists and founded by entrepreneur and leadership coach Fabian Dattne, is due to set sail from Argentina on Friday in a quest to promote women in science and highlight the impact of climate change on the planet.The international team will brave sub-zero temperatures to undergo a 20-day bootcamp on the frozen continent aimed at developing their leadership skills and challenging male dominance of senior scientific roles.Women make up only 28 per cent of the world’s researchers and are particularly under-represented at senior levels, UNESCO says.Yet greater female leadership is needed to fight climate change, which disproportionately affects women, according to Dattner, co-founder of the Antarctica initiative, Homeward Bound.“Mother Nature needs her daughters,” said Dattner.

There you have it: climate change is sexist.