ARE THESE THE MOST GLAMOROUS PROTESTERS EVER? – John Carney at my otherwise favourite tabloid “The Daily Mail” must have been masturbating excessively to come up with this story about today’s sticky protest at the Parliament House (no, nothing to do with John Carney):

It was hard to tell whether it was Canberra or Milan after the angry protest at Parliament House when some protesters posed moodily as if they just walked off a catwalk.

The female protesters, dressed fashionably with a nonchalant look on their faces, stared into the distance in the aftermath of the protest.

They pouted sulkily in the direction of photographers who couldn’t get enough of their look, although if they are to have a career in modelling they’ll have to put a bit more effort into it.


To answer John’s questions, no these aren’t the most glamorous protesters ever, and no, it’s definitely Canberra.

This is more like it: