ISIS IS FOR LOSERSThe Washington Post frames the Associated Press’ Bouazza Ben Bouazza’s reporting as a tear-jerker


before you get a chance to read what a nasty piece of work Anis Amri was even before his suspected involvement in the Berlin truck terror attack:

After dropping out of school in eighth grade, Anis Amri drank and fell to petty theft, his mother said.

“His father and I are disabled. So he was forced to steal to emigrate and get … goods that young people dream of,” she said.

The central town of Oueslatia, 220 kilometers (137 miles) from the capital of Tunis, is surrounded by mountains in one of the country’s poorest. It has especially high youth unemployment, and with no leisure activities or bars, young people gather in the fields to drink beer and wine away from their parents’ disapproving eyes.

Amri was convicted of stealing a truck in Tunisia and of burning down a migrant center in Italy, his mother said. But he was able to work small jobs while in an Italian prison, and sent money home. Italian authorities called him a problem inmate who had to be transferred to six different Sicilian prisons for bullying other prisoners and trying to spark rebellions.

Just as once communism used to attract losers and misfits, now it’s the siren call of Islamism beckoning Muslim youth around the world, promising them the fulfillment they are unable or unwilling to find in everyday life.

But can somebody explain to me please why was Amri still in Europe after committing his crime spree in Italy as a “refugee”? The system is broken.