Three cents about Israel


The first cent – The only people who are pushing for the “two state solution” are the people who don’t actually live anywhere near the region. Yes, it would be a lovely and neat resolution; the Jews can have their Israel and the Palestinian Arabs can have their Palestine. Maybe no group hug and kiss-and-make-up but at least some structured coexistence. The problem is that most of the Palestinian leadership and the elite, as well as the majority of the Palestinian population don’t want the “two state solution”; they want a “one state solution”: Palestine from sea to sea (Mediterranean to Dead) and the Jews can just pack up and fuck off where they came from, or at best they can stay and due to the differentials in the fertility rates soon become a minority on its way to persecution and worse. Some on the Palestinian side do accept two states but only as a step towards the ultimate elimination of Israel. Not quite my idea of “peace partners”.

The second cent – Do Palestinians deserve a state of their own? The “international community” certainly seems to think so. Well, yippee, another Arab state. Judging by the decades’ worth of experience throughout the Middle East, as well as the specific Palestinian experience with Hamas in charge of Gaza and Fatah in charge of the West Bank, the state of Palestine will be yet another busted-ass, poor, violent, corrupt hell-hole with no viable economy, no democracy, and a dysfunctional society. It’s main export will be terrorism and jobless youth, and its main industry will be plotting the downfall of Israel, so that the winning Palestinian socio-economic formula can be extended to the whole of the “Palestinian” land. Meanwhile, the United Nations will keep on ignoring all the other peoples around the world with no states of their own who actually deserve their own countries, such as the Kurds, because it’s a lot more fun picking on the Jews than, say, the Arabs and the Persians.

The third cent – I’m quite likely to vomit the next time someone tries to again argue that all the dysfunctions and the pathologies of the Middle East are due to the fact that the Palestinians don’t have a state of their own, and that unicorns will shit rainbows from Casablanca to Basra as soon as they do. If your whole region is some sort of a Hobbesian hell because you’re all obsessed about a few million of non-Arabs living on a tiny sliver of land along the coast, than your honour and shame culture is the problem, and perhaps you need some psychological therapy rather than any political solution.