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For all the fans of the 1950s’ rock’n’roll…

…Or maybe I just have been having far too much time reading what strangers think about me.

One of my Facebook friends has re-published my yesterday’s post “The Road to Perdition” on his wall, and boy, haven’t I been coping it all morning from commenters, directly as well as for having a good thing to say about Niki Savva’s book (the good thing was that the book is more or less accurate, in as much as all the stories recounted by Saava were familiar to me and to pretty much everyone else working in or for the Abbott government at the time of the Abbott government, and I’ve heard many of them first-hand from the participants or witnesses).

The basic point I was making in my post – and I was making it as someone who has never supported Turnbull and who supported Abbott pretty much his whole political life – is that Tony’s fall was to a large extent a self-inflicted disaster. Yes, Turnbull’s white-anting did play a role, but in the end successful leaders at the helm of well performing governments don’t suddenly get removed from office just because someone is leaking against them (please refer to the Howard prime ministership). But there are clearly a lot of people out there who have turned the Abbott years into an Australian conservative Camelot, with a JFK-like Tony, so full of promise, cut down in his prime by the dastardly colleagues shooting from the Grassy Knoll. Tony, we hardly knew ye.

People are free to believe what they want; all I can do is present my take on the story. If you think what I say has some credence, good on you; if you think that I’m some sort of a disgusting leftie stooge with a snout in the through and that the Abbott-Credlin duo was the best thing to happen in Australian politics, good on you too.

For my – and hopefully yours too – amusement, here are the anti-Chrenkoff, anti-Savva comments in question:








Well, not everyday one gets described as a “hater” who is “as screwed in the head as Savva”, a “LEFTARD ASS LICKER”, a “pig who wasn’t getting his nose in overseas junkets as he wanted”, someone who “has worked the system all his life” and thought “we voted for him to run the country”, an “entitled twat”, a “moron” who “couldn’t deal with a strong independent woman like Credlin”, a “staffer (who was accorded special privileges) to a junior member of a very outer Ministry” who’s full of “sour grapes” and writes “utter bile”, a “spoilt little twat”, a “loser”, and a “bloody whinger” who should “get a real job” (and if I don’t like it “it’s just too bad”). And all that by my own side of politics.