Hate loves Trump


Once, the media covered stories; now they cover them up.

Prefacing it all with the standard “allegedly” – in Barack “Racial Healer” Obama’s home town of Chicago, four young (three of them still teenagers) black people, two men and two women, kidnap a random disabled white man, hold him prisoner for day, torture and assault him for hours making him drink out of the toilet and say “f*** Trump” and “f*** white people” – while streaming the whole thing live on Facebook. The man manages to escape, the foursome are arrested and charged but show no remorse.

Meanwhile the mainstream media ties itself into pretzels not to report all the embarrassing details that don’t fit into the Narrative, and when they finally have to, they can’t really decide: is it evil? is it a hate crime? what might be the motives? We will probably never know.

So, sadly, this once again seems relevant: