DEAR FLYOVER COUNTRY, YOU SUCK – So this, from a San Francisco businesswoman, has been creating a bit of a commotion lately:


Byerley claims to have been a “republican til this year”, though with friends like this who needs the Democrats? But don’t worry, the racists and bigots can still make it up to the people of California, and not just by electing progressive city councils:


Byerley has now apologised, sort of. For her tone, so presumably the message still stands: Middle America – or to be more precise, the Rustbelt and depressed parts of Mid-west – can have their jobs back when they become and behave more like the progressive coasts. I could spend a few hundred words at least discussing the chicken or the egg of the situation, but I will instead leave you with this: some of the most economically dynamic parts of the United States are in the south, which is nothing like the coasts either so clearly there is more to jobs and economic growth than transgender bathrooms per head of population.