AM I NOT PRETTY ENOUGH? – An Australian study – who funds these things? – concludes that right-wing politicians are better looking than left-wing ones. I don’t know, there seems to me to be plenty of ugly people in politics (takes one to know one) and it’s just about the only significant bi- or omni-partisan commonality I can think of currently. But who am I to question the settled science? You would think the edge on hotness would be a good news, but

the study authors deduced that attractive looks could be the deciding factor for voters in “low information elections”…

“The general appreciation of beauty among voters means that politicians on the right, who look better on average, have an advantage in elections,” the study, published in the Journal of Public Economics, concluded.

“Their beauty advantage, all else equal, makes candidates on the right more likely to win office and implement their preferred policies.”

In other words, the right is more likely to win because dumb people vote for pretty faces. So this is yet another way in which the right’s voting base is composed of morons and it doesn’t win on merits. But if the study concluded that the right-wingers were the uglier ones, the left would smirk with self-satisfaction. Heads I win, tails you lose.