Be brave or else…


Meryl Streep think that Hollywood is the most vilified segment of American society. She’s wrong, but even if she was right the most vilified segment of the most vilified segment are the artists who might in some way, shape or form be seen as supporting Trump, or at least not oppose him with the vehemence of the “creative industries” (including the mainstream media which can be very creative with truth).

So far, pretty much every performer who was silly enough to think about being part of Trump’s Inauguration has pulled out, no doubt thanks to love and support shown by their industry and their colleagues, and by love I mean tough love along the lines of “you’ll never work in this town again unless it’s washing dishes or changing linen”. The latest one is Tony-winning (black) actress Jennifer Holliday. Meanwhile, (Latina) actress Zoe Saldana has been crucified on the social media for saying that the entertainment industry’s condescension (she used the word “bullying”) created backlash and sympathy for Trump in the middle America, which contributed to his being elected. Saldana is not a Trump supporter, just self-aware and self-reflective, but that’s clearly not an excuse. Days earlier, like Obama, a Hawaiian-born (white Australian) actress Nicole Kidman was similarly piled on for suggesting now that Trump has been elected people should support the president. Kidman comes from a strong Labor family and clearly is not a Trump supporter either, but merely states the sensible position that the least we could all do is hope that all goes well and the president does a good job, because we all have a stake in it – which was my attitude, and that of most people I know, read and respect, when Obama was elected in 2008.

Creative free spirits beware, your dissent from the official party line will not be tolerated. You have to stand with the rest of your colleagues, your whole industry, most of the elite, one of the two major political parties, half the America, and pretty much most of the rest of the world to demonstrate your incredible courage and bravery in showing your staunch opposition to the President Elect.